Irna Cultural Heritage

"Tomb of Ferdowsi" Ferdowsi (AD 935 - 1020) is the author of Shahnameh, the national epic and collection of Iranian legends in poem. Tus, Iran (© IRNA) "Tomb of Hafez" Hafez (AD 1315-1390) is an extremely popular poet in Iran. Gothe, the great poet in Germany, was inspired by Hafez, wrote several poems to praise him and even wrote a book of poems (West-Östlicher Divan) under the influence of Hafez. Shiraz, Iran Reza Ghaderi (© 2016 - IRNA) "Naqsh-e Rostam" 6th Century BC Royal tombs of Achaemenid Kings (gravings on the rock / left) A Zoroastrian temple (the cubic construction / right) Fars Province, Iran Reza Ghaderi (© 2016 - IRNA) "A Tourist Visiting Persepolis" Persepolis, built in the 6th BC, is a huge palace of the Achaemenid Dynasty. Fars Province, Iran Reza Ghaderi (© 2016 - IRNA) "Tourists Visiting Qavam House" Qavam House is a 19th century building inside a huge garden in Shiraz. Fars Province, Iran Reza Ghaderi (© 2016 - IRNA) "Tourists Visiting Nasir-ol-molk Mosque" The mosque, also known as the pink mosque, was built in the 19th century and is famous for its pink lighting produced by the colorful windows. Shiraz, Iran Reza Ghaderi (© 2016 - IRNA) "Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque" A colorful and highly decorated mosque, built in 1619 Isfahan, Iran Rasul Shojaei (© 2017 - IRNA) "Vank Church" Paintings on a wall of Vank Church, built in 1664 by Armenians of Isfahan Isfahan, Iran Akbar Tavakkoli (© 2016 - IRNA) "Gateway to the Shah Mosque" The Shah Mosque (also known as Imam Mosque) in Isfahan is a huge mosque built in 1629 Isfahan, Iran Kazem Ghane (© 2017 - IRNA) "Ali Qapu" The multi-storey 48 meters high palace of Iranian shahs in old days, built in 1597. Isfahan, Iran Zahra Baghban (© 2020 - IRNA) "Khaju Bridge" The two-level 137m long construction is one of several ancient bridges on Zayanderud River in Isfahan. Khaju Bridge was built around 1650. Isfahan, Iran Mohammad Reza Alimadadi (© 2016 - IRNA) "Playing Polo" Polo (in Persian: Chogan) is a traditional sport in Iran, reflected in Persian literature and archaeological discoveries. Tehran, Iran Nazanin Kazemi Nava (© 2019 - IRNA) "Traditional Persian Music" Vahdat Hall, Tehran, Iran Faraj Samadi (© 2019 - IRNA) "A Turkmen Girl is Weaving Carpet" Gorgan, Golestan Province, Iran Aliasghar Ghezel Sofloo (© 2020 - IRNA) "Masuleh Village" The historical village of Masuleh is a tourist attraction, not only for its beautiful nature, but also because in this village, the yard of the building above is the roof of the building below. So, when you walk on its roads, you are actually walking on the roofs of houses. Masuleh, Gilan Province, Iran Seyed Mosleh Pir Khezranian (© 2019 - IRNA) "Handicrafts" Making colorful and decorated dishes and containers is a popular traditional handicraft in Iran. Here, a man is making such containers in his store in Isfahan Bazaar. Isfahan, Iran Maryam Alemomen Dehkordi (© 2020 - IRNA) "A Handicraft Workshop" Khorramabad, Lorestan Province, Iran Mohammad Yarahmadi (© 2020 - IRNA) "Tomb of Avicenna" Students are celebrating their graduation in front of the tomb of Avicenna (AD 980 - 1037), one of the most respected scientists of all time. Hamadan, Iran Adel Bakhoda (© - IRNA) "Taq-e Bostan" Huge gravings and scuptures on rocks, made in the 4th century, in Sassanid era. Kermanshah Province, Iran Bahman Zarei (© 2020 - IRNA) "Traditional Persian Rug" Persian rugs are world famous. Here, a woman is weaving a traditional rug. Bijar, Kurdistan Province, Iran Seyed Mohamad Saber Sobhani (© 2020 - IRNA)